Lee McQueen on The Apprentice: The ditching of bitching Paloma

If she'd kept schtum, Alex would have gone. He just puts ideas out there, then when they don't work out he starts trying to back away and blame everyone else.  I'll give him credit for getting the TV crew in and doing the advert - that was really good marketing and promotion there - but I'm just not sure whether people take him seriously. It's almost like some people look at him and listen to what he says just because they feel they have to be polite to him. Then they ignore what he's saying completely. Which is actually a shame because he does have some good ideas.

But I have to say I didn't like it when Paloma, right at the beginning, set Alex up by making it clear in front of the cameras that it was going to be his fault if the pitch didn't work - it was like she was using him as an insurance policy.

I'm really surprised Sandeesh was taken into the boardroom - it's not like she stood out for doing anything amazing, but she didn't do anything wrong either. But when she was in there, she fell hook, line and sinker for a classic Lord Sugar curb ball. He often alludes to something to make it seem like that's what he thinks, to see if a candidate will agree with him - and when he asked if she thought Alex was responsible for the failure of the task, she hooked onto every word he said.

Apart from Paloma in the boardroom, this week was a lot less bitchy. Paloma's been a nightmare on other tasks, but she was quite good on this one. Her team Apollo lost by £500, and that was because they weren't able to get the product they wanted. They just weren't enthusiastic enough when they went to see the retailer. That meant they were left with - well, what would you even call it?! Scarves out of some suit sleeves, recycled suits... that is, well - it's a really hard sell! So well done Chris for managing to sell a £300 dress made out of a duvet.

Liz's team got the best dresses - the mass market, sparkly party dresses, perfect for Machester shoppers - because they had the right attitude. They were full of enthusiasm and passion, and that won over the retailers. (Sandeesh said she'd done everything she could to try to convince that retailer, but she didn't even try the clothes on!)

Paloma's shop looked better than Liz's, but Liz had a better product. Liz keeps catching my eye. She struggled through that task but she got the product and the placement right, and she's got the right attitude.

Oh, and I loved Nick's comment on Stella being dressed up in a sparkly dress in the window, saying it looked like something you'd see in Amsterdam. He didn't look too happy when Lord Sugar alluded to his holidays there in the boardroom though!

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