One in three Brits wants to start a business

Unfortunately, though, half the adults surveyed think now is a worse time to start a business than a year ago. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the number one barrier to realising their dreams was 'finding the money', cited by 53% of those asked. 38% said they were still looking for an idea, while 32% admitted they lacked the courage to start a business.

But the reasons for wanting to start up were as compelling as they always have been: 58% of those surveyed dreamt of starting a business so they could be their own boss, while 54% would be motivated by 'reaping all rewards of my own hard work'. Interestingly and reassuringly, only 43% would be spurred on by the desire to make more money. (That's not to say it's a bad reason - just that we think if you're driven only by getting rich, you might be quickly disillusioned. Striving for personal satisfaction and the dream of doing something you're truly passionate about more often leads to business success.)

Lifestyle issues come into play too. Almost a third of the people surveyed said they wanted to fit work around looking after their children. 44% of women cited working from home as a reason to start a business, compared with 34% of men.

Encouragingly, half the people surveyed think the UK is an entrepreneurial country (yes, half is encouraging - we're a glass-half-full interpreter of statistics here at Smarta). Pernille Bruun-Jensen, managing director of Intuit UK, said: "With nearly 5 million small businesses in the UK, Britain is still very much an entrepreneurial country. However, although many people plan to set up their own business, this year's survey, like last, has found that a large number still remain cautious."

Bruun-Jensen said British entrepreneurs needed 'better advice and support' to help them take the plunge and start a business. "As such it will be very interesting to compare this year's findings with next year's, to see if the measures being proposed by government and banks to restore confidence in this sector and inspire men and women across the country to start their own small businesses prove successful."



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