Our book The Smarta Way To Do Business is out now

We wrote The Smarta Way To Do Business with you in mind. We were determined for it not too be another droney textbook full of dull, outdated advice (zzzzzzz). Instead, we've made it all sharp, succinct, and bang-up-to-date insight into what really makes businesses work in the times we live in: social media, being ultra-lightweigt with minimal overheads, using online, networking and learning how to stand out from the crowds in marketplaces that are almost always saturated already.

The Smarta Way To Do Business cuts the business BS and gets to the point. We know starting a business can be long, lonely, hair-tearing-out work and that you have moments when you think everything is finished. We've been there. We've done it. And so have all the entrepreneurs and start-up case studies we spoke to for the book.

So let us help you build your business into the sustainable success you want it to be, in a practical, innovative and low-cost way. We won't lie to you and tell you this book will make you a million a month. But we will explain what to do when you realise your cashflow is shot to pieces, when you need to grab the attention of an all-important contact who won't pick up the phone to you, how to surround yourself with business contacts who can help you through the tough times, and how to negotiate a better price on every single last thing you need to buy for your business - paperclips included.

Because that, as we've heard from every last entrepreneur we've talked to, and as we've learned ourselves from building Smarta, is the kind of advice you really need.

The Smarta Way To Do Business is available from Amazon now for £12.99.

Find out more at The Smarta Way To Do Business microsite

You can also check out our pictures from the book launch, and find out more about the book and hear from some of the entrepreneurs featured in it below.

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