Rotherham named most enterprising town in UK

The story is an inspiring one: Rotherham previously suffered from high unemployment rates, having centred around a declining steel industry. So in 2005, Rotherham Council and the Yorkshire Forward RDA developed the Rotherham Ready project, an initiative to 'equip the borough's young people with the enterprise skills they would need to make a success of their future and help create a thriving economy in Rotherham'.

The Rotherham Ready project takes the kind of holistic approach enterprise education needs, working with business, schools, teachers and children in the area. It has helped bring to life almost 250 new businesses started by young people. The project's website provides online resources and explains the main components of an entrepreneurial attitude.

The Rotherham Ready site explains:"Enterprise has become a vehicle of transformation in Rotherham. Teaching and learning is alive with a new excitement and purpose and business is inspiring young people to be confident and excited about the future and develop the skills they will need to fulfil their ambitions."

Catherine Brentnall, project officer for Rotherham Ready, said: "We've shown that a town can create a sustainable culture of enterprise and really inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs who will shape the future of the local economy and future of the UK."

Hear, hear. Let's hope more towns follow Rotherham's shining example.

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