Shed Simove takes the pips out of Apple

Aggro. We all know it. We all have it. But how you cope with aggro is the difference between getting anything you desire and being constantly frustrated at not quite getting there.

Recently, I had some fairly sizeable aggro when technology giant Apple took legal action against me, claiming I'd infringed their trademarks with some novelty products I created called the 'iNotePad' and the 'iPood'.

To date I've sold over one million novelty gifts, including the 'Designer Beaver', 'Control-A-Man' and 'Chavstick', and it's remarkable how many of these ideas have been a huge challenge to bring to market.

I first came to Apple's attention after launching my 'Nice Pear' product range - with a logo in the same style as Apple's, only it featured a pear, rather than Apple's famous fruit symbol.

My first 'Nice Pear' product was the 'iNotePad' - a sixty page paper notepad styled to look like Apple's 'iPad'.


Apple objected to my attempts to trademark both my brand and the 'iNotePad' name itself, hiring a team of top lawyers to stop me bringing my novelty pad to market.

It was at this point I could have backed down without a fuss, stopped production and got on with my life. Instead, I upped the ante and decided to take another step at incurring Apple's wrath, specifically targeting Apple supremo Steve Jobs. I swiftly changed my name by official deed to 'Hans Jobs'.

After drawn out legal discussions with Apple, I eventually agreed to alter the 'iNotePad' name to 'Not Pad' (Apple's lawyers specifically objected to the letter 'i' and the word 'pad' being in the same title!) and I also altered my 'Nice Pear' logo to move it even further away from Apple's - it consists of two pears now, which works even better, funnily enough.

I've had huge interest from around the world in my spoof notepads and various major retailers have already placed orders, including the prestigious Selfridges store in London.

After the 'iNotePad' launch, I then released a second product in my 'Nice Pear' range - the 'iPood'- a two gigabyte USB memory stick shaped like a piece of human waste. I gave it the strapline: 'Memory Dump'. (Just don't say it's a sh*t idea - boom boom!). And yes, in case you were wondering, my Mum & Dad are really proud of me.


My final skirmish with Apple was when I launched a Top-Trumps style card game poking fun at celebrity culture called 'HELLEBRITIES'. It features quirky characters such as 'David Peck'em' - a half man, half chicken creature and 'Britney Speared' - a young girl impaled all over by wooden spears.

My attempt to launch a HELLEBRITIES app for Apple's iPhone was blocked by the corporation, who stated the characters in the game were 'objectionable'. Once more, I'm refusing to give up and the app is now being altered for use on the Android platform.

These three products neatly highlight the edgy dynamics and challenges involved when dealing with huge corporations and the hurdles you always face in trying to do anything new or remarkable.

People you're close to and even strangers will often say 'NO!' to a new idea or 'IT CAN'T BE DONE!', but actually, if you keep pushing, keep talking with people and keep adapting your concept, eventually some incarnation of your initial idea will be born into the world. And that incarnation is then your wonderful, beautiful baby. Sure, it might give you a lot of grief growing up, but once it's matured, the rewards can be delightful and enormous…and most definitely worth the aggro.

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