The Apprentice: Lord Sugar's hopefuls get their hands dirty

Only two days till the next episode of The Apprentice. Smarta doesn't think it can wait that long. Taking a sneaky peek at the next instalment of Lord Sugar's reality show, it looks like a clean winner.  Expect buckets of gags from Stuart Baggs. His preferred slogan, "Hasta la vista, gravy!" is just one of many cleaning puns unleashed upon the general public.

Baggs finds his true calling as a voiceover artist for his team's offering. "There will be no mercy. Only total devastation," he says in a baritone. Sounds less like a cleaning product and more like a wrecking ball.

There's plenty of general hilarity. Jamie Lester stoops to some dirty talk, announcing that Joanna is "a bit of a scrubber", Sandeesh makes the cringe-worthy statement, "Our brand is going viral" and at least one pitch goes down the drain.

So who will wipe the floor with this task? Smarta's got its pennies on Joanna Riley, founder of a cleaning business, to shine. We reckon that Christopher Farrell will be a wash-out, while Laura will conduct herself well - but Sugar will say there's still broom for improvement [Hat tip to Smarta's Ben Deavin for that beauty].

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar will be doing some spring cleaning of his own. Will Sandeesh be hung out to dry? We think she's likely to go through the mill.

To find out who cleans up and makes the tidiest sum, tune in at 9pm on Wednesday, BBC1.

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