The Apprentice: Would Lord Sugar be better off keeping in the less entrepreneurial candidates?

Sure, Baggs had his fair share of fun: "I basically can't lose this task". But it was Laura who stole the show - or rather, made the whole business ethic of The Apprentice soggy with self-pity and patheticalness and bitter, hideously unprofessional negativity.

"Well I don't give a sh*t any more... They're pieces of sh*t [of her team mates Stella and Joanna, for going to a big meeting Moaner and the Brand were originally booked in for]... Oh god, can we just go back to the hotel now, I've had enough... We might win, but in a way I hope we don't, because I don't think Stella deserves to win. She's treated us like sh*t... I can't waaaaaalk on these cobbles!! I thought I was meant to be doing corporate pitches, not running around all day" [cue a lovely bit of editing to show all other contestants running around enthusiastically, giving it their every last drop to find another sale.]

You get the picture. And a sad, sorry, distinctly un-business-like picture it was too.

Not to say that Laura was the only one at fault last night. Jamie slipped up royally under the scrutiny of boardroom Lord Sugar: when asked what he'd actually achieved in the last few weeks, he came out with the worst hot-airy nothings you can utter in the boardroom and no real evidence of anything. And him and Christopher were both pretty silly for trying to pitch to a waitress in that bagel bar. Oh, and for dozily pushing their 9am appointment back to 1pm.

But military Christopher far from deserved to be fired this week, when you still have Laura and Stuart in the mix. Sure, Christopher didn't have that push push sell sell mentality of Joanna (who seemed to be nailing the sales) or Stella, or the smooth professionalism of Liz, or even the quiet assuredness of posh Chris.

Christopher did, though, get on with people and get things done. He seemed to us here to have no edge to his personality - just a genuine, hardworking guy trying to make good. Lord Sugar said as much too - he made it clear he liked Christopher and respected his affability and productivity. It was just that lack of 'entrepreneurial spark' that got Christopher sent home.

Though judging by the fact that pretty much every former Apprentice winner has left Lord Sugar's company Viglen to start up their own venture within a couple of years of joining - some leaving mere months after winning the show - we can't help but wonder if Lord Sugar might not be better off employing a little less entrepreneurial spark, a little more reliable long-term employee.

What do you think? Is it better to employ an entrepreneurial person who will only end up working for you for a year or so, or to employ someone who'll stay long-term but who's more Christopher-safe? We'd love to hear your thoughts below.

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