Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden join us for the launch of our first book

The event was truly buzzing. Ideas were bouncing around, useful contacts were made, and businesspeople shared their thoughts on anything and everything. We really couldn't have hoped for anything better. In fact, for us, the night perfectly encapsulated chapters 3.4, 5.1 and 6.7 respectively: 'Work hard and be nice to people', 'Focus on scary but attainable goals' and, of course, 'Network your ass off'.

As our founder Shaa Wasmund explained, The Smarta Way To Do Business is 'real business advice for real businesses'. It's packed full of quotes from more than 100 entrepreneurs, including those mentioned above, along with Peter Jones, Trevor Baylis, Michael Birch and Martha Lane Fox. You can find out all about the book in this blog and pre-order a copy here for £12.99.

Theo Paphitis last night explained why he's so excited to be involved: "50% of small businesses fail in their first years - that's a statistic that's just ridiculous," he said. "But 50% of the UK's GDP comes from small businesses. Could you imagine if we changed those odds just by a couple of percent, and only 45% failed? Imagine the knock-on onto the UK economy."

Paphitis said proper business support is key to giving more start-ups a chance at survival and growth. "The reason that these businesses fail is because they don't do their homework, there's no support for them, there's nowhere for them to actually get that basic information that some of us learnt on the streets." He said a lot of businesses 'don't have the luxury' of learning from their mistakes. "So if Smarta can supply that information - well, the world is our oyster, Del Boy."

We hope the Smarta website and The Smarta Way To Do Business can help all of you get the advice you need. And maybe, just maybe, together we'll be able to change those stats in the UK's and small businesses' favour.

Pre-order your copy of The Smarta Way To Do Business now for £12.99

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