Top online resources for freelancers

Cameron said the government was 'right behind' people who opted for freelancing, celebrating those who had chosen 'the right balance' between work and life.

We couldn't agree more. Freelancers number 1.4 million in the UK, and are an invaluable resource for countless small businesses and larger organisations. But it's not always easy being a freelancer - it can be lonely, the skillset needed is overwhelmingly varied (as you have to cover pretty much every function of a business), and cashflow management is often nigh-on impossible as you depend on the right number of projects coming in at any given time.

So we duly share our top resources and Twitter accounts for freelancers, plus a few we've found from the handy National Freelancers Day website - hope they help:

  • Here's PGC's free downloadable guide to freelancing.
  • And here's a lecture on freelancing from yesterday's National Freelancers Day.
  • Here's a report on freelancing created for National Freelancers Day.
  • is a community of freelancers and website packed with articles and freelance-specific advice. Follow them on Twitter for tips and useful articles.
  • is a brilliant website packed with articles and tips, along with freelancer forums and a job board.
  • Freelancer Magazine provides articles, advice, directories and resources for the freelance community.
  • is a site that lets you bid for a massive range of contracts form anywhere in the world. Projects are all managed remotely so you can sign off the work without ever leaving your house. Follow @peopleperhour for a steady stream of newly available contracts, so you never miss an opportunity.
  • lets you create a profile and apply for contracts for anything from engineering to administration.
  • Follow @Work_Freelance for nothing but new jobs up for grabs - perfect for a steady stream of potential revenue.

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