60-second start-up: hereforaday.com

5-10 seconds: What's the business model?

To sell one product at an unbelievable price for 24 hours or until it sells out, whichever comes first.

10-15 seconds: Who are your competitors?

There are so many 'discount sites' and they are all competitors in a way, but nobody selling using our model in the home and family market. Specific sites would be Achica.com and TKmaxx Homesense.

15-20 seconds: What's your USP?

We are the first daily deal site for home and family in the UK.  Our selling model is unique and so are our daily offers but for us the real USP is the fun element of shopping with hereforaday.com - you never know what will be on sale tomorrow.

20-25 seconds: How have you funded it so far?

Self-funded so far.

25-30 seconds: What were you doing before?

Managing director of a services company.

30-35 seconds: Where did the idea come from?

I was researching a web-based business and found US site woot.com and Australian Catch of The Day. I loved the idea and decided to launch a UK version.

35-40 seconds: What's the smartest thing you've done so far?

Hiring an experienced buyer. The quality of our products is very important - we don't sell anything that we wouldn't buy ourselves.

40-45 seconds: What's the stupidest?

Not enough development time on the website.

45-50 seconds: If your business was a biscuit, what would it be?

Chocolate Fingers - they are usually gone in 24 hours or less.

50-55 seconds: Which idea are you a bit jealous of?


55-60 seconds: Where are you going to be in 12 months' time?

Bringing money-saving bargains to the masses!

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