Best of the Smarta videos 2010

Best start-up is getting a lot of flak in the press at the moment. The Metro and The Evening Standard have labelled the outfit, 'glorified loan sharks'. Mayor of London Boris Johnson is under fire for considering Wonga's bid to sponsor the free tube service on New Year's Eve. But here's the truth behind the bad press: back in January 2010 we interviewed founder Erroll Damelin to find out exactly how his model worked, and why Wonga was good news for the cash-strapped and budget-conscious. Check out the video.


Best social enterprise

Proof that a social enterprise can be both innovative and daring, Ben Keene's Tribewanted convinced a Fijian tribe to loan him their island in order to run a serious of projects to improve living, learning and working conditions. Ben Keene's business survived a coup, the loss of a co-founder and some serious battering in the press. Here's how.

Best branding lesson

There's no denying that wholesome fast food chain Leon has redefined the idea of corporate branding. The (mostly) London-based business was founded by John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby to provide an alternative to grey, over-chilled sarnies or greasy burgers. Here, the pair reveal their branding secrets.

A music legend

Gordon Mac, founder of Kiss FM, has become an industry legend. Partying hard, working harder, and building a brand that still thrives to this day, Mac is firmly ensconced in the music hall of fame. Find out how he launched the iconic station and how he motivated his DJs to support him when he was but an unknown entrepreneur.

Best social media lesson

Shaa Wasmund, founder of Smarta, knows the business of marketing. She has worked with the likes of Chris Eubank and James Dyson, helping them to become the household names we know today. Her new baby is social media and she's taken to the medium like a duck to water. Find out the secrets to social networking success here

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