Branson, Paphitis and Meaden: eco warriors or business leaders?

(Oh, and if you ever wondered what Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden would look like as hippies, your curiosity is about to be satisfied.)

Being more sustainable doesn't mean spending more money. Quite the opposite, actually - Rose says in the video that going greener added £50m to M&S's bottom line. That's part of the reason all these businesspeople and entrepreneurs are happy to endorse this stuff.

The 'Eco warriors or business leaders' video is all part of Prince Charles' Accounting for Sustainability initiative, which is 'bringing organisations together to develop practical tools to enable environmental and social performance to be better connected with strategy and financial performance, and thereby embedded into day-to-day operations and decision making'.

Which sounds like a ruddy good idea to us. Help the planet and help your business flourish at the same time. We'll hand you over to those in the know - and you can visit the Accounting for Sustainability website for more info on how you too can go greener and make your business more profitable.

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