Desi Mobi: There's a new mobile network in town

Desi Mobi is an MVNO - a virtual network that piggybacks off existing mobile base stations. Think Virgin, Tesco Mobile and the like. This has allowed Visram to keep start-ups costs relatively low. That's not to say it hasn't taken a substantial wedge of investment to launch Desi Mobi: Visram has thrown "many millions" of private equity funding at the project to date.

But the network's USP should do much of the hard work from this point on. The brand name evokes a sense of home to all Asian nationalities. The deal is hot to trot: cheap calls across the world without lengthy dial-in codes or cards. This will send the brand viral very quickly.

Social marketing is a given as Desi Mobi will have a significant presence online. But Visram has also struck deals with high street retailers to resell the Desi Mobile package on the ground. And Visram is a true trailblazer in this industry: "A British Asian mobile network has never been done before," he says. "And as a British Asian myself, I know how to tap into this market.

We think this business is really going places. You heard it here first.

Listen to the full interview with deputy editor Rebecca Burn-Callander and Sacha Visram below.

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