Lee McQueen on The Apprentice: Don't discount Stella just yet

It might well be that Liz suspects now that Stella is her main competition, so she's trying to pick on Stella's most vulnerable areas. Liz doesn't want to start a cat fight, but this is a subtle way of doing that.

The editing can be very clever - the way it kept catching Stella doing funny looks, giving evils, being quite critical of Stuart (although, aren't we all?!). You don't know if that's the editing or what's really happening in the house.

Stella is corporate, no doubt about it. But that doesn't mean Lord Sugar isn't still interested in her.

You can't argue with Stella's record: she's won both times as project manager, and been on the winning team most times. Lord Sugar wants people that are really focused. He doesn't want someone larking about all the time. Her corporate background is really good platform for being that focused, to keep you growing. And besides, I was in the corporate world for six and a half years before I won The Apprentice. It does give you good experience.

But Stella does need to start getting on a bit better with her teammates. And it wouldn't surprise me if she came out next week and had a great week. I don't think she'll be project manager again until the final, but she needs to get the support of the others.

What else apart from Stella? Well, I loved the negotiation task - it was my best when I was on there and I project managed it (lots of running around looking for fluffy slippers!). But the result surprised me, because, frankly, I thought the girls had nailed it. To still lose by £300 when the boys had so many missing items and fines means those girls were really, really bad at negotiating.

It's obviously amazing that Stuart Baggs The Brand is still in. He absolutely has to go next week.

Joanna's picked up really well throughout the series, slowly but surely. She's done some really good stuff this week and last week, and she definitely knows how to sell. She can come across as quite brash and aggressive but her sales technique works.

Chris is a bit of a posh boy but he can joke around too, and even though he's been in the boardroom lots, he can still come up with the goods.

Liz was, I thought, a very good project manager, but obviously she could have been better. She lost sight of the prize, and having that loss on her record might well come back to bite her.

Jamie stepped up to the plate again. Even though he did make some mistakes, the boys' negotiations were really good. Jamie's nice and smooth - he's pretty calculated in negotiations. And it works. He's proved he can work under pressure - and it was huge pressure for him yesterday because he had to deliver. And he did deliver.

I still think it will be Liz, Jamie, Chris and Stella that make the final four. But which one of those will win is becoming a really tough one to call.

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