Lee McQueen: What really happens at the interview stage, and who I think will win

So I can kind of sympathise with Stuart Baggs, when he walked in and said hi to Margaret like he knew her - you're just feeling so many emotions at that point.

And I'm sure people watched Joanna and wondered why she hadn't prepared more. But you can't - you're not allowed to use internet in the house. It's basically all based around your application form, which you wrote months ago, and you're not allowed to see before. And obviously you've written a lot of quirky things on there to try to sound unique, to stand out from the other 25,000 applications, to sell yourself. But you can't remember what you wrote!

I swotted up on all the interviewees and Lord Sugar's businesses before I started the show, but I did nearly come unstuck at the interviews stage because I'd lied on my cv. But I came clean about it in the interview - Stuart Baggs could have said he'd lied on his application but he tried to blag.

I can't really criticise anyone for their interviews, though, because it genuinely is so difficult. It's just you versus the interviewer, and you've got nowhere to hide. I didn't know Karren Brady was going to be an interviewer when I was on there, for example, then I walked in and she turned round and said: "Right, Lee - sell me this pen." That's the point - to see if you can cope and judge the situation right.

Stuart did blow himself up though. He's all mouth and no substance. It was great to see Margaret back, interviewing him - her eyebrow raising was the highlight!

I felt for Joanna. They all respected her for setting up her business. But after 11 weeks she still didn't have the confidence to feel like she should be there. That's what let her down. And she'd won seven tasks! She'd done really well.

I wish Joanna the best, I really do. I hope she can realise she shouldn't be embarrassed about being a cleaner, but actually think: "I'm MD of a cleaning company I built myself." She's an inspiration to people around the UK who are unemployed and who now might think, actually, I can go out there and set up a business and do something.

Jamie lacked conviction in himself too. Sure, it's not a great trait to blame other people for things, like he did in his interviews. But why didn't he fight for himself? Why didn't he focus on why they should hire him, or talk about, say, the £76,000 of sales he made in just one task?

I also think Jamie had a bit of a rough time of it. Joanna got plenty of praise for having the guts to start up her own business, but Jamie did that too and he just got ripped apart for not foreseeing the Cyprus property market crash and not relocating his business.

Chris did well, like he always does. He's lost six tasks but he's never been afraid of fighting his corner. And he never gets into the slagging matches. He wants to go out and learn. I thought Claude was a bit harsh saying he dropped out of everything. It's so hard when you've got someone in your face going on and on like that! But Chris held it together.

Stella was brilliant all the way through. But I think Chris might win. Stella is fantastic, no doubt about it, and I really like her. I don't know what Lord Sugar's got in store for the winner, and not that I know how he functions, but having worked for him for two years I know him better than most people. You hire based on what you want someone to do, and just because Stella's a good candidate, doesn't mean she'll fit in well. Lord Sugar could have fired Chris on five or six occasions, but he hasn't. Chris has got a strong academic background, a good personality, he goes for it and is very motivated to win, but he doesn't step on anyone. Stella might just be that bit more difficult to mould - whereas Chris is at the first hurdle of his career: a true apprentice.

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