The Apprentice: The grand finale!

Oh Stella, Stella. You are such a star

You were the best candidate by far

Up against a worthy foe

Poor old Chris just had to go

For who could compete with such ambition

Once you made Lord Sugar's job your mission.

You can tell that SmartaHQ is feeling maudlin when the poems start appearing. Why did it have to end? Why?

Last night's task was very similar to the brief Lord Sugar gave the final two last year. Remember when Yasmina Siadatan and Kate Walsh had to conceive, brand and market a new range of chocolates? This year, it was all about the booze.

The finalists were joined by some familiar faces. On Stella's team, Joanna, Chris Farrell, Melissa and Paloma plumped up the ranks. While Chris had Jamie, Alex, Liz and Shibby. The show's producers obviously decided against allowing Stuart Baggs - The Brand - to take part. Shame.

Both Stella and Chris struggled to settle on an idea. Stella nearly ended up with a repulsive-sounding blue bourbon, which would almost certainly have lost her the task. Chris had his heart set on brand name Cube, in a cubic bottle, until a spirit expert at Gerry's, the iconic Soho spirit retailer founded in 1984 by Michael Kyprianou, said he thought the idea stunk.

Back to the drawing board.

It was at the eleventh hour that both Chris and Stella had their Eureka moments. Chris decided to tap in to the Latino cocktail trend with a white rum, infused with pomegranate and bitters. Thus Prism, in a giant lethal-looking pyramid bottle, was conceived. Stella opted for a heritage brand, giving bourbon a new twist with brand name Urbon and a dash of vanilla, honey and spices.

When the finalists were choosing team-mates at the start of the show and Chris picked Liz, we all thought: That's it. He's got the edge. Even Lord Alan, in a rare moment of humility, has admitted that Liz was the candidate that got away when he mistakenly allowed Stuart Baggs to remain in the show another week. But it could be Liz that ultimately scuppered Chris' chances.

Despite a clear brief that Prism was to be, well, clear, she took it upon herself to make it pink. Very pink. Suddenly Prism wasn't so much chic and sleek, more girly and garish.

Nevertheless, the alcohol experts decided that the bottle was a winner: it would look fabulously eye-catching against a back-lit bar. But in the end it was the stroke of brilliance behind the brand name Urbon that wowed the crowd. Stella's presenting style was warm and engaging. When quizzed over the relevance of the name for non-City folk, Stella replied: "I'm moving to the country - if tonight goes well," prompting a torrent of laughter from the crowd.

Lord Sugar was rightly impressed by both candidates. And it was telling that all the old guard praised their team leaders for their courage under fire and leadership skills.

It was a considerable wrench for Sugar to pick a winner. But in the end, Stella, who Nick described as a shooting star, gave a moving speech in the boardroom, citing all the risks she had taken to go for the role: leaving a well-paid job, with two kids at home. Chris, fresh out of university couldn't begin to compete with that level of commitment.

And so Stella nabbed herself the £100,000-a-year role in Lord Sugar's organisation. Working closely with the grizzly one to ramp up sales, launch new products and add a bit of Stella sparkle to his companies, she's bound to do great things.

Best of luck, Stella. You deserve it.

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