Top five Christmas eCards

We can't all be coding aces. And we don't all have the budget to blow on bespoke eCards or festive missives. If you know there's a snowball's chance in hell that you'll be developing your own eCards this Christmas, here's the best of the rest - free and yours to send at the touch of a mouse.

1.       For that classy touch

Jacquie Lawson is always a safe bet for clients and staff. The cards are tasteful, usually contain an interactive element and are - dare I say it - even heart-warming. Here's this year's offering from, but browse the site to find the best eCard for you.

JacquieLawson eCard

2.       A little Christmas sparkle

Blue Mountain is currently offering free registration to new sign-ups. Plug in your email address and you can send free eCards for seven days. These cards have unlimited writing space, great for people who want to add more than the generic, "Merry Christmas, from X" message. You can also post the cards on Facebook for the social imps in your life.

These are our favourites from Blue Mountain

For far-away friends and family

To clients and colleagues

3.       For the music lovers

EMI has released a whole bunch of free musical eCards this year. Pick a genre, from blues to classic rock, folk and even a track from the new Tron Disney movie. It's simple but cool. Great for - how should we say it? - the more unsentimental recipient...

4.       To please an eco-warrior

There's nothing like receiving a free Christmas eCard from Friends of the Earth to make you feel like an evil, planet-destroying capitalist. I jest. These are very simple, very easy-to send, and carry an important message: you do not support the pulping of trees to make silly Christmas cards.

And for something a little different

Rattlebox is a treasure trove of the unusual and edgy. Or, as the site states, simply a place for 'free eCards that don't suck'. We like the Annoying Ornament card, which riffs off the Annoying Orange meme on Youtube. But feel free to browse the more traditional options.

Beware, there are a few naughty cards rattling around in the Rattlebox too...

Annoying Ornament eCard



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