Top ten free - or nearly free - Christmas apps

Be warned, if you have important business to see to this afternoon, do not read on. These are some of the most hilarious and addictive Christmas games and apps you're likely to find. But if you have a few moments to spare, fill your (Christmas) boots!

1.       Elf Yourself

This seasonal hit from makers OfficeMax is guaranteed to have your friends and colleagues rolling in the aisles. Simply upload the faces of up to five people and this neat little app will transform them into dancing elves with a disco-tastic Christmas soundtrack.

Elf Yourself, Powered by Jib Jab

2.       Angry Birds Seasons

Yes, the little are beasties are back in a new festive game. Expect cute little woolly hats, falling snow blocks, twinkling lights and Christmas cheer throughout as you attempt to rescue the eggs from the evil Pigs. It's a steal at 59p on iTunes.

Angry Birds Seasons on iTunes

3.       Snow Line

This is an addictive little game from the developers at Miniclip. You have to help a hapless Santa collect the Christmas presents by drawing lines of snow for his sleigh to skate across. This may sound simple but it's not easy to get old Santa uphill without a good load of momentum, let me tell you.

Snow Line on Miniclip

4.       The Snow Globe

There's something quite sadistic about this festive game. Pick up and shake the snow globe to disrupt the harmony within and listen to the screams of tiny people as they bounce off the glass dome. It's a bit of a one trick pony, but quite clever nonetheless.

The evil Snow Globe

5.       The Deep Freeze

Miniclip have outdone themselves again with this Christmas gem. Armed with a water pistol, Santa has to freeze his enemies and roll them off the screen to save Christmas. The soundtrack is squeaky as hell but if you don't find yourself clicking like a demon and shouting at the screen within moments, I'll eat my Santa hat.

The Deep Freeze on Miniclip

6.       Fat Santa

Bless the fab folk at Neon Play. This tilt-tastic iPhone app is not only free, it's also marvellous. Guzzle the Christmas puddings, gobble the turkeys or blast off with Brussels sprouts in this triple-stacked Christmas game. Santa is adorably rotund, while the elves are reincarnated as evil enemies of Christmas. Download it from iTunes.

Fat Santa on iTunes

7.       The Art of Dancing Advent Calendar

Those loveable be-dancing Bournemouth boys are back with more synchronised antics, neatly packaged into an Advent calendar. There's still time to get on board - only 14 of the doors have been opened. There's still ten more dancing days to go!

Advent Calendar

8.       Dr Seuss - How the Grinch stole Christmas

What would Christmas be without Dr Seuss' tales of the Grinch? Download this interactive app and relive the wonder of the dark ditty and dazzling illustrations. Great for kids and grown-up fans too. This is the most expensive app on our list, however, at a whopping £2.39. Also available on Android.

How the Grinch stole Christmas on iTunes

9.       Christmas on the Village Green eCard

We love Jacquie Lawson cards. They are interactive, beautifully animated and - most importantly - free! This is one that was doing the rounds last year, but we still love the animated take of Chudleigh the super-talented Labrador (and the fact that everyone's 'gone to the pub'. Play the preview and send to someone special.

10.   Write to Santa

Okay, so this isn't strictly an app, but we love it anyway. Royal Mail is running a special Christmas campaign this year. Kids (or big kids) can write a letter to Santa Claus on the address below and Royal Mail will guarantee a reply from the man himself by Christmas Eve. Just don't forget to send your Christmas letters and lists by December 15. And you'll need a stamp!

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa's Grotto,

Royal Mail Christmas Letters

Got any ace Christmas apps to add to this list? Leave your comment below!

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