Five ways to attract more Facebook fans

Twitter, twitter twitter. It's all Smarta ever hears these days - whatever happened to Facebook? It may not be blogged about as often as it was, but it's still way above Twitter in the popularity stakes - and it's still a useful marketing tool. Here are our top five ways to attract more fans:

  1. Spruce up your page
    It may only be February, but the time is ripe for a spring clean - so get your marigolds on. First, make sure you are making the most out of the 'reviews' tab - where customers can give feedback and testimonials on your product or service. If it isn't being used, get rid of it: avoid having any dead space on your fan page. And it may sound obvious, but ensure you have a nice image as your avatar - pixelated or squashed images do not go down with potential fans.

  2. Give people a reason to 'fan' you
    This could be competitions, special deals for Facebook fans or even special events for your fans. Whatever it is, it needs to be a real incentive - not just the odd update.

  3. Go viral
    Look at some of the examples of popular Facebook fan pages, and seek to emulate them: Pringles (2,876,663 fans), for instance, created a set of low-budget, silly videos and distributed them via its Facebook page. The videos, pitched perfectly at Pringles' young, web-savvy customer base, went viral instantly. If you don't think you have the resources to create a set of viral videos, make like Starbucks (5,675,187 fans) and ensure you share new, useful content on a regular basis. This doesn't have to necessarily link back to your website - Starbucks shares interesting articles and blogs from other sites every couple of days. Just make sure you're adding value.

  4. Get snapping
    Photographs are an easy way to engage your customers: post pictures of new products and encourage fans to give feedback in the comment section underneath. By just clicking the 'like' button, your fans will feel they're engaging with the brand. Photos of events are also a great way to get your fan page buzzing: tag people you know and encourage your fans to tag others. Send out invitations to anyone who isn't already a fan.

  5. Use the Fan Box
    The Facebook Fan Box is a widget which allows users to become a fan without leaving the site they're on. It's based on a piece of code you paste into your blog, other social networks or your website. You can even paste it into banner ads - so if you're willing to pay, you could be attracting traffic to your fan page from other sites in no time.

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