Shaa Wasmund: To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

Some of you will be reading this via a Twitter link and some of you may be wondering what on earth Twitter actually is.

I have to confess, I wasn't an early adopter - well at least not in Geek terms. The lovely @mernas in the office introduced me to Twitter and it's fair to say it's been a love affair ever since.

Twitter does something for me that the rest have failed to do. Facebook is great for organising your social life, but since I don't have a social life, it's a nicety, not a necessity!

LinkedIn is where I stay in touch with my 'corporate friends'. Useful, but as I'm not looking for a job any time soon, not an absolute necessity either.

Twitter and I have a much more integrated relationship. That is to say, I get withdrawal symptoms if I haven't Tweeted for 24 hours.

Why? Because I really believe Twitter is ideally suited for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It's a place where, as @douglasrichard says, those with real knowledge can become 'Super Editors' - the bastions of useful, timely information.

People on Twitter seem to be far more collaborative. I've genuinely 'met' real business owners and found ways to collaborate - I'm even arranging a Twitter Business Dinner in Manchester next month.

When you see something useful and something you think other people (i.e. the people who 'follow' you) would find useful too, you can Retweet - i.e. share it with your followers. This means the best information (and people) naturally rise to the top.

Of course, there are examples of people gaining 12,000 followers in the space of weeks. Be sceptical. I had one such person following me this week. When I checked their recent tweets, they were quite frankly rubbish: every variation of MLM products and links to their affiliate programs. Nothing else. But that's OK, they can follow me, I don't have to follow them and if they annoy me I can easily block them.

Truth is, the world is full of rubbish. I just tend to find far less of it on Twitter than anywhere else.

There are so many ways Twitter can help small business. You can find out how in our guide on how to use Twitter for business.

It also doesn't take a lot of time - honestly. You won't know until you try. In fact, I am so convinced of the power of Twitter that I'm going to persuade my wingman @douglasrichard to hold a Twitter seminar with me very soon... So watch this space.

Come and join me - @shaawasmund and @smartaHQ.

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