NEW from Smarta: Top Tips email

Got a top tip on something in business? Of course you do! You're the people actually doing business: you know how to save 45 minutes by doing this and £35 doing that, you know the insider tricks of selling big, accounting quick and keeping customers extra-specially delighted.

Very soon we'll be kick-starting a new Top Tips email. We'll pick a different business subject for each week and share the best five readers' tips with everyone who subscribes to the mail-out. If we use your tip, we'll credit it to you and link to your website and Smarta profile (if you have one - if you don't, get one now! It's free!). That means free PR for you to our thousands of newsletter subscribers.

The first Top Tips subject is...... (drum roll...) marketing and advertising on a budget.

If you've got a top tip, email with 'Top Tips' in the subject line or leave it as a comment below. We'll let you know when the first mail-out is about to happen. And we'll tell you how to subscribe soon.

To get the ball rolling, here are a few our Smarta's very own top tips on marketing and advertising on a budget:

1.    Pimp your services out to a printing company for one day a month in return for getting flyers printed for free.

2.    If you're doing market research, visit the British Library Business & IP Centre to read hundreds of Mintel and Nielsen reports for free - you usually have to pay several hundred to access them.

3.    Always, always bargain advertising sales people down from the rate card value (the original price they quote). They expect it, and you can often get up to 50% off that price.

Now over to you!

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