Pick your government dream team!

There's a jolly good chance we're going to end up with a hung parliament the week after next. And the possibilities of that pick'n'mix variation on normality have got the whole country more excited than a fat kid in a sweetshop. Other publications have sucked all the fun out of what it could mean - so instead of rehashing the same old diatribe, we hereby present to you: the opportunity to pick your government dream team. Forget fantasy football - say hello to minister magic. After all, it might actually happen! (Kind of.)

We've come up with a few suggestions below - now it's over to you. Write your comments below, and let's pick the government dream team! Feel free to go for whoever you want - we've tended towards entrepreneurs simply because we love them, but we're open to sports stars, slebs, et al.

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Eddie Izzard

eddie izzard

Partly on the basis of this sketch, but also because he is so good at languages and understanding cultural subtleties (a vital asset in our dream Sec of State) he does stand-up in German and French as well as English. Also because he wants to get into politics - which would be amazing. He is also very, very wise underneath all that hilarity. We kid you not.

Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: Jamie Oliver

jamie oliver thin

Jamie really does set a fine example for us all. He proves you can build a mega-business that still helps people every step of the way. He's waded into the political arena boldly already, showing he's not afraid to tackle the biggest issues facing the food industry: whether that's making kids healthier or saving battered chickens. Basically, he's a downright decent lad who wants to use his achievements to help people and clean up the nastier sides of the industry. All stuff the government should have been doing all along. We like the way he's using technology too - check out this feature on his iPhone app to see what we mean.

Secretary of State for Transport: Andrew Valentine and Brett Akker, founders of Streetcar


We love Streetcar - it's basically car-sharing on a massive scale. You join the club then just pick up a car from a street nearby and only pay when you need to use it. Every Streetcar replaces, on average, 26 privately-owned cars. Put that in your efficiency and environmental pipe and smoke it! If the government had thought this baby up, they would have saved the car-driving public hundreds per year in vehicle tax, insurance, servicing et al, plus the one-off cost of a car, rather than making drivers in major cities pay more through congestion charging. At the same time, they'd be driving down emissions in a major way. Pretty smart. And popular with the people - Streetcar has 75,000 members.

Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

shaa long thin

Smarta's founder Shaa Wasmund. Well, we would say that, wouldn't we.

Now over to you! Write your ideas in the comments below... (or find out more about the election and what it means for small businesses.)

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