Shaa Wasmund: Five ways to get people to say yes (to almost everything)

Smarta's founder (and the queen of persuasion!) explains how to get what you want in business - without stepping on anyone's toes.

1. Expect a yes: believe in yourself, your business and your products

I go into every meeting expecting a yes, and nine times out of 10 (or more) that's what I get. Why? I never promote or work on anything I don't wholeheartedly believe in. I go into meetings knowing that people will be better off for working with us. Don't ever sell something you wouldn't buy or use yourself . Ever.

2. Deliver more value than your services/product cost

We all like getting something extra - that feeling like we've got a 'deal'. Offer free business cards with your letterheads, an extra scoop of ice cream or just fantastic personal service.

3. Make an effort

Studies show that people are 27% more likely to buy from people who have made an effort with their appearance. Shallow? Maybe. Truthful? Yes. The good news is that we don't all need to look like George Clooney - we just need to show we care about ourselves. After all, you wouldn't want someone looking after your business who turned up in a 'used-to-be-white-now- grey' shirt, would you?

4. People 'buy' from people they like

Corny, but true. We all do it. Be someone people like. Don't put on a pretence, just be yourself. Don't just look for the 'close'. Genuinely try to understand people's needs and help find solutions.

5. Social proof

Product endorsements and client testimonials are incredibly powerful applications of social proof. Everyone wants a piece of the new big thing. Show your customers that other people like them believe in your product and services - and the more the better!

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