The single most important secret of success

Thinking of starting a business? But you haven't yet - which is understandable. It can all seem like a lot of hard work, and pretty daunting too, after all. Yeh, we get it.

But here's the thing. We're going to let you in on the one little secret that will revolutionise your attitude to starting up. Seriously! Are you ready? Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder... okay.... here we go....

Entrepreneurs are normal people. Yup! That's it. You might look at Theo Paphitis or Richard Branson and think, "I could never do that." But why not? What have they got that you haven't? Supreme confidence? Nope. Richard Branson hates speaking in public because he has a really bad stutter. Brains the size of planets and expensive schooling? Theo Paphitis dropped out of school aged 16 with one GCSE. He is also dyslexic, as are an estimated one in three entrepreneurs.

Think it's down to having bags of money to play with? Wrong again. Most entrepreneurs are self made. In fact, many of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs started at a real financial disadvantage. Look at Brad Burton, founder of the UK's largest business breakfast network 4Networking. He started his business when he had a staggering £25,000 of personal debt dragging him down.

Want to know the real difference between those people and you? They stopped thinking and started doing. That really is all there is to it.

Simple, isn't it!

Because you don't need to launch a perfect business with extensive lines of stock and trade deals in four continents. You just need to put one item on eBay. Or make one sales phonecall. Or write one blog post. Or go to one shop to try to sell your product. Just one.

We're not kidding! Because once you've made that first step, you've started. You're in business. You've done it. You've started your own business! Sure, you need to keep going. But we all know it's that first step that seems the hardest. If it wasn't, you would have taken it already.

Stop thinking about everything on such a big scale. Get on with it, and figure out the details as you go along. Laugh in the face of the fear of failure. Trust us, it is more worth it than you can ever imagine.

You only need to take one tiny step to begin the journey of a lifetime. So take that step this weekend.

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