Essential viewing tonight for business and export advice

In fact, even if you're operating just in the UK, there are crucial lessons to be learnt here about understanding your market and examining your supply chain in microscopic detail. Theo draws out key points and gently nudges a small luxury watch brand and an eco-fuel company to the right conclusions (although one of them is led to the right conclusions then promptly decides to completely ignore them, much to the eye-rolling of Theo).

And watching a marketing guru from Marmite figuring out how to sell to people who just plain think it's disgusting is quite a different ball game from the genius Love/Hate campaign that works on English audiences. But the outcome will teach you loads about overcoming the challenges of entering new markets, whether that means a new target age-group or a country as different and intricate as India.

Tune in to BBC2 tonight at 8pm to find out what happens next and learn from others' successes - and mistakes.

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