Personal branding: how social media can help

Your personal brand is a combination of many things: how you present yourself and engage with others, your past results and achievements, your values and strengths, your goals and ambitions and what you're known for. Developing and refining your brand takes time and effort, as it is crucial for your brand to be authentic and YOU.  Anything else will be sniffed out. But overarching all this is the need for consistency.  All strong brands can be relied to deliver upon their promises, consistently.  And this is something that you need to think about.  

Having a clear personal brand will not only improve your confidence in yourself. You will be able to attract investment more easily.  As your profile improves, potential investors will hear about you and know whether or not you're the sort of person they want to invest in. You are also more likely to attract the right staff for your business.  Your personal brand and your business brand will be very closely linked, and your actions should be driven by your core values.  As such, when you communicate your values through what you do, those people with similar values will be attracted to you. Of course, the same goes for attracting customers!    

Social media is a great way of enhancing your personal brand.  In this digital age, it is most likely that people will first come across you online.  If not, they will certainly Google you after meeting you. So how your present yourself in the digital space needs to be consistent with your brand.   Personal websites, blogging and active social network participation can all contribute to a strong online presence.  But, don't forget to show people the real you. After all, people do business with people.  Twitter is a great way for showing your human side as well as engaging and forming new connections. It can be too easy to be  "professional" and this can sometimes come across as cold and distant, not to mention boring.

So, what are you going to do today to enhance your personal brand?

  • Alexia Leachman is a personal brand coach who runs branding firm Blossoming Brands. Follow her on Twitter here.
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