Barking mad?

That is also fine (though very slightly less fine than people who just really like dogs, in my books. Sorry). So when you look at the image above, of an ice cream van dedicated entirely to the canine consumption of such Heston-Blumenthal-esque delicacies as gammon and chicken ice cream, I know you will fall into one of three camps: those of you who just don't get it; those of you who think it's novel and would think of doing it if you happened to stroll past one day while accompanied by your canine acquaintance; and those of you who can't read this blog quickly enough to find out where the K99 truck is so you can take your dog there asap.

Now for those of you in the first camp - well, just think about all those people in the third camp for a moment. Because while this ultra-novelty little niche business might seem two spaniels short of a kennel club, the number of people in the third camp (you know who you are, canine-dresser-uppers) may just be numerous enough to make this work.

The pet sector in the UK is worth well over the £3bn mark. Research by the Family Pooch Index found the average dog-owning family spends £15,000 per 10 years on their four-legged friend. £15,000!

And, if you hadn't clocked on already, this article highlights how readily dog owners are willing to splash their cash on what they perceive to be a premium product to treat their beloved hairy one.

So while some of you non-doggy people doubtless saw the above and thought it was an awooful idea, others saw the incredible cashcow that is pounds for hounds. Much like the baby products' industry, businesses like this - however innocently - tap right into those all-powerful love feelings that make you want to buy the best and most expensive for your precious one.

Barking mad? Nah. Providing that this cart has nestled itself into a suitably well-off area where people are likely to have a few quid to spare, and in a nice dog-walking park, this is a winner.

Woof woof.

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