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A lot of you seem to be enjoying our new Twitter ebook, so we thought we'd collate some of our favourite videos on Twitter from elsewhere online. You can watch them over the weekend to super-charge your newly acquired Twitter knowledge.
First up is one of our favourite stars of business advice, the sage

Want to know what Twitter can do for your business and how wildfire-like word can really spread through these channels? Here's Alexis Ohanian of Reddit talking through a great example of how Greenpeace used social media. And why 'Mr Splashy Pants' is a particularly good name for a whale:

Once you're up and running with your account (read our Twitter ebook to find out how to set it up), heed the words of one of our favourite business gurus, Seth Godin, on how you should be approaching your social media activity:

This is the first in a great three-part series on how and why to use Twitter for your business, taking you through everything from apps to strategy in a very easy step-by-step way:

And then check out this snappy tutorial on some of the best apps and resources for Twitter, and how to use them with each other:

Happy viewing!

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