The North East beats London in the innovation stakes

Sure, London is responsible for roughly 25% of all UK patents, trademarks, and design rights. But the North East is beating the capital to the top of the innovation index by generating more per person, per pound invested in research and development than any other region. (The index spans 2000 - 2009.)

Spending on R&D is key to stimulating economic growth, and we have to make sure our collective spend works as hard as possible for the best return on investment. The North East is a great example of this.

So what's made the North East so innovative?

Mike Addison, head of new business development at Procter and Gamble, explained things thus: "The North East combines talented people from five universities with an outstanding environment in which to live and work, attracting people to an area with the public structures that further facilitate knowledge transfer across the region.

"While I wouldn't want to claim the North East to be superior to any other region of the UK, it nonetheless has an innovation ecosystem that at least matches the best of the rest."

And that's well worth celebrating.

The research was carried out as part of an exhibition called 'Inventing the 21st Century: Celebrating Britain's Ingenuity' being held at the British Library that highlights 15 of Britain's most groundbreaking inventions from the past decade. Find out more about the exhibition here.

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