Alex Tew launches launched at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and the site has already attracted over 300 sales. The business model is simple: you pay $3 to upload your face to the site through social networking leviathan Facebook. Once one million people have signed up, Tew will print a high-quality coffee table book that will be available to buy online.

"It will be a portrait of the internet at this time," says Tew. "A real 'face book'."

But is this venture not uncannily like the last? "It is," admits Tew. "I was talking to my brother about Million Dollar Homepage - reminiscing actually. We were discussing how much the internet has changed over the past five years, and that's what gave me the idea: let's reinvent the concept for a social age."

The advent of social media has spawned a generation of self-publicists, posting opinions on blogs, uploading images and gathering followers and friends from across the world. OneMillionPeople appeals to this newfound vanity.

Tew is confident that all million slots will sell. "Everyone wants to be immortal," he says. "People like the idea of buying into that. You can immortalise your face: imprint yourself on the web."

The website alone should generate a round £3m in sales. This is not pure profit: "We have to pay transaction fees and tax," says Tew. "Plus the printing costs for the book will be extremely high." Tew is planning an initial print run of 10,000 to 20,000 copies. "Not everyone who buys a space will buy the book but a few hopefully will," says Tew. "Margins will be very slim on book sales. It will be extremely expensive to produce."

The book will be available through a number of distribution channels. "We're in talks with a number of interested parties," says Tew.

But the book is just the tip of the iceberg. The internet entrepreneur is also planning an art installation, "I want to print all million faces on one canvas. The thing will be huge!", and is considering throwing a series of parties across the world, exclusively for the Million Facers.

So, to buy your small slice of immortality, go and upload your face to

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