Five iPhone Apps that entrepreneurs can't live without

iPhone App: Google Apps

Price: Free, or $50 per user, per year, for the Premium package

The skinny: The free edition of Google Apps allows you to create up to 50 custom email addresses. This is great for small businesses that want to look professional on a shoestring - you're not locked into the .gmail or suffix. Google Docs and Google Calendar come as standard, but the Premium package features Google Video and additional collaboration suite Google Groups. Groups lets you share documents with groups of people rather than individuals. The Premium App also features 25GB email storage per user, BlackBerry and Microsoft Outlook interoperability and comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee SLA and 24/7 support.

From the entrepreneur: Jon Oringer is the founder and CEO of Shutterstock, a subscription-based online stock photo agency. He's a true iPhone evangelist. "I use the exchange service that Google provides for push email from our Google Apps account. I also use the Google Docs access for all of Shutterstock's shared documents and spreadsheets."

iPhone App: Tweetdeck

Price: Free

The skinny: Tweetdeck allows you to tweet, retweet and send messages from your iPhone. It also integrates with Facebook, allowing you to update your status and connect with Friends. Tweetdeck is also geolocation-enabled, so you can collate tweets in a specific area - at a trade show, for example. You can search, filter and keep tabs on trends from within Tweetdeck too.

From the entrepreneur: "Tweetdeck and the Facebook App allow me to keep up with Twitter mentions of our brands," says Oringer. "Along those lines, the LinkedIn App is important from a business point of view."

iPhone App: Skype

Price: Free

The skinny: Make free Skype-to-Skype calls in any WiFi-enabled zone. Calls to landlines are pretty cheap, starting at around a penny. There are also reduced rates for calls abroad. The messenger service is free lets you can chat on the move.

From the entrepreneur: Dominic Monkhouse is MD of managed hosting provider PEER 1 Hosting. "I use the Skype App to make and receive calls all day, every day," he says. "I don't even have a landline phone on my desk. I also use video whenever I can."

iPhone App: Feeddler Pro

Price: $4.99

The skinny: Feeddler Pro is a universal RSS App that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can cache up to 100 articles for each feed. What's particularly clever about this App is that it saves your feeds when you're offline, so you can read articles at your leisure, even outside the WiFi zone. It's also really easy to share articles you like via Twitter, Facebook and Digg.

From the entrepreneur: "I use Feeddler Pro to consume websites, blogs etc via RSS feed. It stores everything off line so you can catch up on flights and the train," says Monkhouse.

iPhone App: WINEfindr

Price: £2.99 (for a limited period only)

The skinny: This App does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a visual search enabled price comparison wine App. You can compare prices across all the major UK retailers and even buy the bottles you like through the App. This is a good App for newbies too as you can browse different wines to discover new favourites and even match grapes and vintages to specific meals.

From the entrepreneur: Dominic Monkhouse is a real wine enthusiast, so this is one of his favourite Apps. "WINEfindr is brilliant," he says. "Not only does it make me an instant wine buff, it's a really clever App. You take a photo of the label on the wine bottle and it sends back all the details including tasting notes, food type matches, guide price and the cheapest place to buy it right to your phone. The actual App is a software triumph for graphical processing, but aside from that, anything that fulfils the inner sommelier in me can only be a good thing."

Which iPhone Apps couldn't you live without? Let us know by leaving your comment below.



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