GUEST BLOG: "I launched Young Entrepreneur Society to help entrepreneurs like me"

Everything starts with just an idea.

I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. The question was how and what. I have always wanted a job that helps other people in some way. That way my 'job' would feel less like work and I would know I was doing something worthwhile.

When I left college in May 2009 and became unemployed, I started to research how to start a business and what you need to know to begin. The amount of different information I found on the internet was impossible to take in! If you Google "business plan", more than 400 million results come up. How on earth are you supposed to pick out the best bits?

This is when I had my "light bulb" moment. I thought to myself, if I am having this problem then surely other young people are too? Why not create a solution? I saw a gap in the market for an easy online programme that could teach entrepreneurial and personal development skills.

I realised the best way to create something interesting, motivational and inspirational was to ask successful people how they did it. The best way to learn entrepreneurial skills is to speak to people who have been there and done it and who have the experience and knowledge. I contacted some of the top business people in the country who agreed to let me interview them and ask questions from a young person's point of view. Who cares about economic growth strategy in China? Us young entrepreneurs want to know the nitty gritty, real-life stuff: how successful people become successful; how to get funding; and how to keep keeping on when things get tough!

Mike Clare, the founder of the country's leading bed specialist Dreams,  Julie Meyer, Dragon on BBC2's Dragons' Den Online and Adam Balon, co-founder of Innocent are a few of the people I have been privileged to meet and interview. They have shared their stories for the next generation of entrepreneurs to learn from.

Our 'Millionaire' and 'Expert Mentor' interviews have been integrated into our programme: The 12 Steps to Success. This programme covers lots of the skills that are not only important for running your own business but are also core life skills to help you be successful in everything you do. There are interviews, videos, workbooks and suggested reading - an essential toolkit for any aspiring young entrepreneur!

This is how it all started for me. Young Entrepreneur Society is now growing rapidly. In my next entry, I will share my experience of getting funding when I first started out. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Young Entrepreneur Society website and email me any time

To the future!



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