The Sun's new perfume: marketing that stinks or scent from heaven?

This is perfume for people who think Hubba Bubba is haute cuisine - and there are definite base notes of every seven-year-old's favourite bubblegum wafting around beneath the 80's cologne and throat-stripping acetone top notes.

And so I duly tip my hat to Roja Dove, one of the perfume industry's most-respected figures, for being good-humoured enough to let his respected name get dragged into this almightily entertaining PR stunt. And to Harrods, the only retailer stocking Buzz, and which prepped its long-suffering sales assistants so well that when I called to ask if there were any bottles left to buy, I was told: "About four left out of the 20 we had... No, no I don't think we'll be stocking this again... Thought the quality is exceeeptional."

The Sun is in the process of launching its new TV/gossip/sleb magazine, Buzz. And creating a perfume in the lead up to the event, one that pertained to recapture 'the effortless style of Sarah-Jessica Parker; the charisma of Sophia Loren; the intoxicating sass of Beyonce Knowles; and the girl-next-door charm of Cheryl Cole' (snicker, chortle) - well, that got beauty and girly blogs everywhere gossiping with incredulity about the product.

And all those celeb-perfume-hungry women and girls reading those blogs are, of course, the new magazine's prime target market. Chuck in a couple of scented billboards and press releases announcing the perfume to get other national newspapers talking, and you've whipped up a neat little media storm.

And it's a PR stunt that's fun and silly and self-deprecatingly tongue-in-cheek, just as the magazine will be. This perfume is a perfectly-contrived analogy for the D-list celebs the magazine will take for its weekly fodder: a cheap imitation of the real thing, posing at the perceived high-end and luxe end of the market, in among the Harrods crowd, albeit for a very short-lived time. Genius.

All the online links I could find that direct the reader to 'buy it here' on all the assorted blogs featuring the perfume now point to the magazine's homepage. Clever, clever.

We like this, as PR stunts go. It's something a bit different, it's fun, and it's got people talking - which is the whole point.

What do you think?

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