Why music in the office helps your business become perfectly tuned

But why are we telling you that we've been bopping to a beat or two of Buddy Holly? Because we've found that a bit of a boogie in the office makes for a significantly cheerier, more energised workforce. You know that 3pm slump where all you can think about is how long you can feasibly nap for in the loos before anyone notices? You now have Guns N Roses to stave it off. Tense after a client pitch? There is no stress that can't be combated by the heavenly harmonies of the Beach Boys. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration - but fun music in the workplace creates a positive atmosphere, one in which your teammates and staff will be unafraid of talking to each other as and when a game-changing idea strikes them; an environment that feels creative and vibrant and alive. And those are crucial subliminal ingredients for encouraging innovation, all the time.

We've all worked in or been to places where you walk in to a completely dead office, where everyone looks like century-old bleached-out zombies and the silence isn't just deafening but deadening. There's no life there. There's none of the energy that makes small businesses and start-ups the fantastic, lively, creative places they really are.

If you want your business to be energetic and innovative, you can start by creating that atmosphere. Get some music on, get some fun pictures up, let people who aren't meeting clients that day wear something other than suits. Have beers in the office at 5 o'clock on Fridays, cake on Wednesdays and go out for lunch together from time to time. Treat your team to work socials - they don't have to be cripplingly expensive, they just have to be, well, social - somewhere outside the office.

Make your business an uplifting place to work, and you'll notice that everyone working with you starts to really enjoy themselves. And, as if we need to tell you again, a happy workforce is a productive workforce. And one that wants to carry on working for you, really hard, because they want to stay with the company.

These small details are obviously only a tiny part of what it takes to build a great business - but they are a clear indicator to the team that you want them to enjoy working for you, and they can lift the atmosphere by just that tiny bit extra enough that, after the days roll into weeks and months, you might just notice a big difference.

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