GUEST BLOG: Online businesses! Here are some handy tips for using images to sell your wares

There's the old saying 'a picture tells a thousand words' but, in e-commerce, a picture sells your product.

It's all about the product; don't confuse your customers with crazy backgrounds or small fuzzy pictures. Your website is your shop window to the world. Use it well.

I can't stress enough how important it is to have good product photography when selling online.  Clean, simple and professional looking shots will entice your customers to buy. Some online retailers don't understand the importance of having nice pictures. Would you put your money down for a product you couldn't see properly? One you can't check for flaws or stains? If you don't exhibit your goods effectively, your business could suffer as a result.

The first rule of online product images: The customer can't pick up the item, touch it and turn it around as they would when in a shop. Therefore you must do all of this for them! Show all angles, have additional detail shots for items with unique selling points and display these clearly. Show it well and it will sell!

Also, if you're selling the same range of items as other e-tailers, don't steal product shots from other sites. These can be subject to copyright and, if you're selling the same wares, chances are your rival will track you down and slap you with an invoice for using their images without permission. Besides, you want to stand out from the crowd by featuring unique, beautiful images of your stock.

As a final guide, here are a few tips to choosing a photographer to snap your stock.

When choosing a photographer there are a few things you need to consider:

1.     Always check their work and request samples. You want to see what kind of work they do and if their style would suit your products.

2.     It's always best that you choose a photographer that you can get along with, so shop around and chat with your potential happy snapper to make sure that they fully understand your requirements.

3.     Most importantly, be careful of hidden costs.  Some companies can  to charge 'by the hour', make sure payment details are stated before any work commences and ask for it in writing for your own peace of mind.

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