Naomi Klein: Are we addicted to risk?

Too often, environmentalists are dismissed as tree-hugging hippies. But the truth of the matter is that the economical health of the planet and its actual health - a steady stream of resources, clean water and untainted air - are inextricably linked.

In this talk, Naomi Klein uses the example of the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico to illustrate the West's insatiable appetite for risk - at any cost. She presents some interesting reasons for our obsession with risk and the ensuing issues that are created by a blinkered view of 'progress'.

Whether you agree with her opinions on not, it's an edifying overview of the culture of risk and the present state of the climate change debate.

This is highly emotive subject matter. If you want to state your opinion of this topic and respond to the issues raised, leave your comment below.

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