Royal Wedding creates windfall for pubs across the land

Rejoice ye serfs and commoners, their Majesties have bestowed a unique gift upon you. Raise a tankard of ale - or a Bacardi Breezer - to Will and Kate's nuptials as you celebrate well into the night on April 29.

Comedian Nick Doody has a wonderful gag about the British predilection for booze. Bad day at work? Have a drink. Great day at work? Let's celebrate with a drink. Funeral? Let's drown our sorrows.

Royal wedding? Let's get battered.

Nevertheless, it is a rather nice gesture and one that has been welcomed by the pub industry. Battered by smoking bans, recessions, VAT increases and the like, it's a rare boon for a publican to receive good news from up high.

Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, says: "This is great news, and it is really good to see the government recognising that this is a brilliant opportunity for us all to get together in the pub, to celebrate a great national event.

"With state-of-the art TV, great food and hospitality, pubs will be right at the heart of the royal wedding celebrations, and are the perfect place to enjoy the day."

Mine's a shandy please, squire!

For more chucklesome reading on the extended licensed hours for the Royal Wedding, check out this piece on the Daily Mash.

Are you a pub or bar owner? Let us know what you think of the edict. Leave your comments below.


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