Diary of a Sole Trader

I decided to become a sole trader after I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I quit my job and had to work out:

a.)          What was important to me?

b.)          How could I effectively manage my condition? (It isn't life threatening but it is incredibly painful and incurable).

So after speaking to my consultant and my mum I decided to take the plunge and work for myself - now I choose how much travel I do and how many days I can manage.

When creating my business I relied on the three most influential people in my life. A previous tutor who has always believed I will be a success, a former contact who constantly encouraged me to go it alone and my mum who always tells me what I need to hear in the nicest way possible. As a result of this support mixed together with some late night soul searching and researching, I launched Vine Tree Training in September this year.

This all sounds great but it wasn't as smooth as you think. I had no money to invest and no partner with an income to help out the cost of living.

Setting up in the middle of a recession has been tough and as a result my credit card has taken a beating. I've bought a new computer, projector, speakers, presenter, and trolley bag among other things.

My mum's car has chugged over more miles in the last month than it usually does in a year; I'm living off Tesco value food and cutting down on everything (except Twinning's tea.) Yet despite that, you know what? I'm happy.

My brain is bursting with ideas and I'm teaching myself so many new skills. I've learnt how to negotiate, use social media for marketing and how to present myself to clients.

I bagged my first job just six days after launching and things are going well. I think diversification is the key to further success, so I'm looking into training design, consultancy work and educational visits.

For me, belief is a huge factor in whether you achieve your dreams or not and you need an understanding family as well.

My journey has just begun so watch this space and if you need a trainer, give me a call.


For more information go to www.vinetreetraining.co.uk

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