DUFFY'S DYNAMOS: "Suits you sir"

A Suit That Fits started around the same time as Bulldog with a similar commitment to grooming the men of this fine nation. Dapper founders Warren Bennett and David Hathiramani have done brilliantly since their 2006 launch and it looks like they are going from strength to strength.

A Suit that Fits' core proposition is about delivering quality tailored-made suits through smart technology and great customer service. Having built up a network of 33 studios they now have true nationwide reach, and I also think their offering is well communicated via their engaging website.

There's a smart interaction going on here between their online world and physical locations. For men who hate shopping or who are too busy to make an appointment the 'design your own suit' website offers endless variation on cut, colour and detail, with various video guides to ensure key measurements can be accurately obtained. In some circumstances a tailor can be sent to you, or most regularly I suspect the website does enough to create sufficient reassurance and excitement for many people to book an appointment at a studio.

With the cheapest two-piece suit I could find on their site at just over £250, and the majority of the featured styles a lot more than this, these are not cheap. A quick trip to M&S online will show that there are more than 20 styles of suits available there for under £100. A Suit That Fits are not setting out to be the cheapest outfitter however. The clue is in the name, and with a Savile Row tailor-made masterpiece easily coming in north of £2000, this is a company challenging the old guard with a daringly innovative business model. While they are not quite democratizing bespoke tailoring, they are certainly making it far more accessible beyond the traditional confines of trust-fund aristocrats and fat cat bankers.

I particularly like that A Suit That Fits maintains a transparent labour policy. These suits are made in small, family workshops in Kathmandu, Nepal. It's front and center in the video hosted on their website. Their superb Nepalese tailors are paid a 50% premium on typical wage levels, policies ensure reasonable working hours to attract and maintain the best local talent, and 5% of costs are donated to the local school. The company appears to be very committed to supporting traditional skills and investing in the community. Take a look at the websites of other apparel brands, whether high street or luxury, and you'll quickly discover far less transparency about the working conditions and remuneration levels for the outsourced labour that prop up these businesses.  The team at A Suit That Fits should be commended for this and I'm sure it's an important feature for many people who have bought from them in the past.

A Suit that Fits are modernizing a very traditional industry. By making a few innovative changes they have streamlined the process and made it easier for anyone to get a bespoke suit - even for an ex rugby world cup winning international who wanted a ridiculous pastel pink one for speaking functions - check out www.asuitthatfits.com to see for yourself.

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