Get your customers spending more

Stock complementary products

Ever bought a pair of shoes and been offered polish? Or booked a flight online and seen offers for hotels, travel insurance and car rental flash before you? Cross-sold items are generally cheap(er) add-ons to the product you originally planned to buy. The cheaper the add-on the easier it is for customers to make a quick buying decisions. The product should also be an obvious tie-in;- take too long to explain the item and watch customers' eyes glaze.

Offer premium options

Look at your products and pricing structure and see if there's scope for premium options you can up-sell. Opticians boost their profits by offering non-scratch, anti-shine or reactor lenses after customers have chosen their frames.

Bundle it up

'Buy this, get this free' is not a new sales vehicle; but if it ain't broke don't fix it. Bundling is big. Fast food meal deals make upgrading from a burger to a meal a no-brainer for many. It's the same wherever you go.

The profit margin on the bundled items is smaller, but it is still there. Occasionally, firms deliberately break-even on bundles in the hope that customers will buy more normal priced items. Check out you local supermarket for more details

Offer free postage

In such austere times, your customers will be looking for a bargain. Convince them to spend a little more by offering free postage on bigger orders.

Knowledge is power

Work hard to bring customers back. Collect as much data about them as you can and use social media and email to build an engaged community around your business.
If you have useful information about customers you'll be able to target them with products and services they will actually want to buy.

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