How clean is your desk?

  • We each shed around 30 to 40 thousand cells every minute. Every day you could be sprinking over 50 million skin cells over your workspace. Even worse: eat your lunch at your desk and you could be eating someone else's skin and bacteria!
  • A study carried out in 2007 showed 12% of women and 33% of men didn't wash their hands after going to the toilet! These people could be transferring potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses to telephones, keyboards and desks. Urgh!
  • The average cloth may be the dirtiest thing in your office, even dirtier than the toilet seat, the bin or the floor! The Health Protection Agency (2010) found 56% of cloths were unacceptably dirty, with E. coli found on six cloths. This means that cloths may actually be making surfaces dirty rather than clean!

No wonder an estimated 63 million UK work days are lost to illness during the year! We're tapping away on bug-infested keyboards and leaving our sarnies on virus-ridden desks! And these sick days are costing UK-based small businesses a fortune: A total loss of £3.4 billion is being predicted during this winter alone due to staff sick days.

Think you're clean as a whistle? Put your purity to the test with this Dirty Desk Quiz.

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