SoleTrading Month 2011: Week Three

Last week we focused on technology and the result was a buzz of activity across Facebook and Twitter, with sole traders ranging from sports coaches to gardeners swapping tricks and tips on how emerging tech is helping them to compete with bigger firms.

Today we're switching the debate to growth strategies. We all go into business to grow and we want to hear about your plans to hit your expansion goals. Which tactics work and which don't - and how do you avoid overstretching limited resources?

We're giving you the opportunity to quiz your peers about their grand plans, to swap growth strategies and to offer your advice to others.

Still to come...

Week Four: Attitude

In week four we'll turn our attention to the ways in which your personality can help you as a sole trader. With no one else to rely on, your mental approach to business could be the difference between success and failure.

But it can be hard to stay switched on and to remain active and positive even when the chips are down. Share your tips on how to stay positive and focused, even when the chips are down.

Live Webchat

On 28 October, we will bring you a live webchat on the vagaries of being a sole trader: how to avoid loneliness, launch a stellar marketing campaign and show clients that size isn't everything. We invite Smarta founder Shaa Wasmund, Viking head of ecommerce Stuart Carlisle and sole trader Georgia Campbell, founder of lingerie brand Miss Crofton to provide the insights.

Don't forget to tune in by setting a reminder below...

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