YOUNG APPRENTICE 2011: Ben Fowler fired

In contrast, the mild-mannered traits of Ben Fowler saw him become the latest victim of Lord Sugar's firing finger. It seems the boardroom is no place for nice guys such as Ben, who described his approach to business as, "relaxed and calm".

Indeed, he was blasted by his fellow teammates for not shouting over the top of them to force home his ideas.

The task was to design a product for the parent and baby market and pitch it to industry leaders. Under the spotlights of the Royal College of Art, the girls came up the 'Comfy Curve', a portable sling that supports a baby's head while providing comfort for the parents arm. They made the decision without fuss and sped off to share their idea with a baby store shop assistant.

In another room the boys were bickering. Lewis Roman was appointed PM after giving some spiel about being creative while Harry M and James McCullagh egos went toe to toe. At the end of the meeting no decision was made and the boys decided to fire ideas at a shop assistant too. Eventually, they decided on creating 'Harris the Hippo' a bottle insulator disguised as a cuddly toy.

To be fair, both concepts were impressive ideas and the final products could easily be seen filling the shelves at Mothercare.

However, problems arose in the pitches. Both Lewis and Gbemi went for glory and decided to deliver the sales proposal themselves - with equally disastrous results. Their confident business sheen disappeared instantly, and they looked more like stuttering schoolchildren nervosuly explaining how a dog ate their homework rather than suave business whiz kids on the verge of a sale.

However, Gbemi handed over the pitching duty to Haya Al Dlame for the final sell, a decision that won the girls the task, as Dlame secured 7,500 sales.

The boys had managed just 5,200 and Lewis brought the whining Harry M and egoless Ben back to the boardroom with him as the girls went off for a street dancing treat. Lord Sugar brought each wannabe business leader back down to size telling Polo-loving Harry M that he's unpopular and suggesting to Lewis that he needs to stop seeking individual glory.

But Ben was most out of his depth, in the opinion of Baron Alan. His biggest crime was lacking the skill of being able to make large (and sometimes plain rude) personalities come around to his ideas.

Lord Sugar felt he had no choice but to dismiss the 16 year old, apparently for being too nice, as well as lacking that prized killer instinct.

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