5 best BlackBerry business apps

1) BlackBerry Messenger

This free text and broadcast service is unique to BlackBerry and is one of the most popular apps across any platform available. Use it to message friends, groups of customers or selected clients - the opportunities to communicate are endless - and instant.

And check out the latest addition: BBM Music, a cloud-based service that brings social and viral music discovery to BlackBerry users by allowing them to build a community-based music library shared amongst their BBM Music friends.

2) Urban Spoon

Hungry but don't know where to eat? Then Urban Spoon is the solution. Simply type in your location, select the type of food you're after and a price range and spin the wheel! It will land on a suggested venue which you can accept or spin again.

3) Dropbox

Dropbox is the world's most popular cloud-based file storage service. It's perfect for accessing big files such as pictures, video and audio files without saving them on your phone. To access it on your Blackberry set up a folder on your desktop and synchronise to Dropbox's servers.

Download the app from BlackBerry Appworld or the Dropbox website, enter your login details and hey presto, you have access to all the files through your handset.

4) Facebook

We all know that Facebook is a great social network, but when it comes to mobile versions the key is accessibility and usability. BlackBerry's version of this app is brilliant. It gives you direct access to your news feed and an easy way to update your status.

There's a button to open up Facebook places and one for uploading pictures taken on your phone. Scroll to the right to access a menu including your profile, messages and friends.

5. WiFi File Transfer

Using WiFi File Transfer you can move files between your BlackBerry and any PC or Mac on the same WiFi NetWork.

This means there's no need for USB drivers, desktop mangers or any 3rd party applications. Just connect to the network and your BlackBerry effectively becomes a wireless memory stick.

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For more information about how BlackBerry can help your business go to www.blackberry.co.uk/sme

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