5 ways to make money using QR codes

Spread the information

In simple terms QR codes are little vehicles of information. Real-world advertising platforms (those made out of paper, mostly) are confined by their physical borders. Stick a QR code on there, however, and you open up an endless virtual world for your brand. The more information you can give about your products, the more likely people will buy them.

Give customers confidence

If you're a start-up, the first thing you need to do is build a trusting relationship with potential customers. QR codes link the real and virtual worlds and give would-be shoppers a chance to learn about what you do.

A QR code gives you more chance to inform people and convince them that you are a genuine trader. Eliciting a purchase from a new customer is all about making them feel confident, QR codes help to smooth this process.

Show and tell

TV advertising is big business. Why? Because unlike print advertising you can hear people talk about their products and unlike radio advertising you can see the thing in brilliant Technicolor. QR codes provide a link to the digital space, which like TV gives you the opportunity to show and tell.

Create a club


Make customers feel special and they will love you forever. It's why premium brands are constantly trying to create the feeling of a club around their products. If you offer something special to people who arrive through a QR code - like membership of a marketing list - they are far more likely to buy from you than if you try to sell to them as 'outsiders'.

Create a buzz


Businesses that use QR codes innovatively get recognised. Type 'QR codes' into a search engine and you'll be confronted with a long list of marketing campaigns that have employed the codes in clever ways. Design pictures or use typographical phrases in your code or think laterally about how you can display it to get the best results.

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