5 ways your BlackBerry can save you an hour a day

Swinging by the office

Anyone under 30 won't remember this, but there was a time when you had to swing by the office to pick up documents, send emails (or, ahem, letters) or even just to have a word with a colleague. This was incredibly wasteful, not to mention irritating; now you can do it all remotely - which is nice!

Make public transport a moving office

It once was the case that journeys around the country were all about downtime. You could read the odd report, maybe take a few notes, but you couldn't tell anyone about it nor could you do anything hugely constructive.

It meant you had to get it all done at the destination or upon your return. With tablets and smartphones it's no longer a problem. Working on the move means not having to work once you arrive. It means, for example, a journey between Birmingham and London can be a productive 90 minutes, a not just a chance to have a nap before the big rush at the other end.

Organise on the go

With a range of business-friendly apps available on smartphone, you can complete a multitude of tasks without being at work. Not just calls and messages, but accounting, marketing and customer management is accessible at the touch of a button.

You only have to watch Mad Men to see how much time they spent at work in the Sixties - we've come a long way since then!

Mix business with pleasure

The truly wonderful thing about tablets and smartphones is that you can be messaging an important client one minute and playing the latest game the next. Combining work and play means you don't need to separate the two aspects of your life - which saves time in the long-run.

With BlackBerry Balance, you can keep your personal information separate and your business information highly secure, giving you an instant work-life balance in the palm of your hand.

Last-minute shopping

You've heard of eCommerce; well mCommerce is the next frontier of consumer technology. The value of all products being purchased on mobile phones is increasing rapidly as people get to grips with the power of their handsets and shops create ever more mobile friendly shops.

If you're a last-minute Christmas shopper, this could be just the time-saver for you. Instead of rushing around the shops on Christmas Eve, why not do your shopping on the bus and have it all delivered to your door?

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For more information about how BlackBerry can help your business go to www.blackberry.co.uk/sme

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