Deki: changing lives with loans during Global Entrepreneurship Week

For Deki entrepreneurs their business is their livelihood.

There is a blacksmith who wants to buy machinery to do more varied work, a young cook who needs to buy stock to kick-start his catering business, a hairdresser who wants to buy hair care products to increase the range of services and bring in more customers.

It is much harder for entrepreneurs in developing countries to realise their ideas and potential. They may have goals and aspirations, but with no collateral they are unable to get a loan from a bank. They probably won't even have a bank in their village.

The good news is that it is much cheaper to start up a business in a developing country.

You can lend from as little as £10 to help someone's business idea become a reality. And, once it's repaid in 6-12 months, you can invest in someone else.

Later today you'll see the first of five Deki-supported entrepreneurs we'll be profiling during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The stories and value of the Deki investments speak for themselves - and it can prove equally rewarding for the lender too.

One lender, Pip from Bristol, told Smarta:

"I consider myself lucky to be living in circumstances where I can enjoy the pleasure of giving the small amount of money that will make such a difference to peoples' lives across the world."

For more information or to make a real difference to a start-up during Global Entrepreneurship Week, visit

Global Entrepreneurship Week is sponsored by NatWest


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