GUEST BLOG: Amii Attard shares how to be a super-organised start-up

When starting my business, RugbyMonkeys, earlier this year I therefore had no hesitation in writing 'Get a Blackberry asap' as the number one thing on my 'How to start a business' to-do list. With phone in hand, I felt confident, content and prepared to move forward with the planning and actions needed to get my business started.

Meetings with the design and print company, networking and business events and other appointments were quickly added into the calendar with alarms set to remind me of these unmissable engagements.

The MemoPad and Tasks applications had new lists added and updated daily, serving as an ever present reminder of 'things to remember', 'things to research', 'things to do' and much more.

Having my email accounts on the handset meant I could be out and about looking for venues, attending meetings and marketing my business without ever being far from important email updates from suppliers, customers and other contacts allowing me to be quick and efficient with replies and therefore assisting me to reach all of my deadlines leading up to the first RugbyMonkeys class.

Now that RugbyMonkeys is 'in business' and classes are running in Birmingham and Solihull, my Blackberry has become no less useful. Being able to contact my customers quickly and easily through phone or email means I never have to worry about leaving my address book in my other handbag.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn apps mean the online RugbyMonkeys world can be refreshed at any time, at little cost, helping to build our network and ensuring that our followers become the first to know about class dates and times, merchandise and offers.

I also have an app which allows me to access and edit any of my documents stored in DropBox meaning I always have my business plan, finance spreadsheets, equipment lists and marketing materials to hand without having to carry my laptop or folders full of paper every time I leave the house.

Convenience, time and cost are three factors which influence the decisions I make for my business and creating a QR code online for free definitely meets all of these. All RugbyMonkeys posters and flyers are adorned with a QR code which, when scanned, links people directly to our website (, allowing us to reach an ever growing market of people who are also using mobile technology.

As RugbyMonkeys continues to grow, I have no doubt that mobile technology will remain an integral part of my day to day actions. It makes life easier, saves me time and money and helps me to keep building RugbyMonkeys even on the go. Now if only the battery would last a bit longer...

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