GUEST BLOG: Deborah Meaden on how she runs her business empire from her smartphone

"My BlackBerry is always with me," says Deborah. "If people need to get in touch then they have to email or text, as I hardly ever answer the phone."

With 19 businesses on the go, Deborah is hardly ever in one place for the whole day. Having a BlackBerry means she's never out of reach and can do business from pretty much anywhere.

"Most of my business is done using my BlackBerry, for sure", confirms Deborah. "It has taken over how I run everything. I remember the first time I saw someone using a BlackBerry was at the Rugby World Cup in Australia back in 2003. I was fascinated and bought one as soon as I got home. Since then I've always had it by my side."

Despite being a self-confessed BlackBerry addict, Deborah is yet to delve into the world of tablets.

"Other than my BlackBerry and teleconferencing, the only technology I use when I'm travelling around is Skype. I tend to travel light and I can access everything I need via my phone."

But she admits mobile technology still has some way to go before it replaces the office entirely.

"Large spread sheets can be a bit of a pain on my mobile, plus the office gives face-to-face contact which offers huge value when doing business."

So what would she like to see invented to make her life as an entrepreneur even more flexible? "Teleportation a la Star Trek. Now that'd be wonderful!"

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