GUEST BLOG: Errol Damelin on how he uses 'an arsenal of devices' to run 24/7

I'm just that kind of person, with a natural drive to get stuff done, but I also believe in hard graft and efficiency as basic principles of entrepreneurship.

I want to go to bed every night (which is usually late) feeling that I've made a difference, solved a few problems and moved the business forward. As far as I'm concerned, life's just too short and there's too much I want to achieve to approach it any other way.

My team also knows me for my love of tech and anything that helps me manage priorities better.

I'm a gadget freak, but it's got to be functional to last long with me. I can get through several Bluetooth hands-free kits every few months, for example, and it's generally a case of trial by abuse.

I also love good design, but the most important thing about the kit I use is that it must integrate seamlessly - both between different devices and into my life in general. The sign of any great communications tool, as with other kinds of technology, is that you shouldn't notice it. Good stuff just works.    

As the CEO of, where we're growing rapidly, problem solving and assessing new opportunities non-stop, reliability is also important. If something isn't rock solid you can trust me to find the flaws pretty quickly. And it's vital people can get hold of me wherever I am, whichever way works best, and vice versa.

I'm certainly an addict when it comes to being connected and it's not a pretty sight if things aren't working seamlessly. Back in the day, people would talk about leaders needing to have an open door policy, but I'm rarely in the office and it's more about staying in touch around the clock and from all over the world.

So I use a small arsenal of devices to access the same content, such as news, my messages, contacts, reports and my calendar - which has a tendency to change more times in a day than Lady Gaga manages costumes in a night.

Networking is critical when you're growing a business and I often use spare minutes on the move to do that, whether by email, text, social media or a call.

You still can't beat face-to-face meetings in many cases, but there are only so many of those you can squeeze into a week, especially when you're travelling a lot.

I use a headset for calls because it leaves my hands free for my tablet, or to fish out my wallet and pay a cab fare while I'm still talking. If you're on the phone as much as I am, it's just more comfortable too. I can jog into the office, eat, browse the web or just get animated - who said us men can't multi-task?

Open and transparent communication is part of the Wonga DNA. Not just between staff, it's also important that customers can communicate with us easily and in ways to suit them.

They're all online and, in addition to our website, we've long used Facebook to provide another layer of interaction for example. We're an online, mobile and 24/7 business, so it's natural I use devices that let me keep in touch with what's going on whenever and wherever I am.

My advice to anyone starting a new business would simply be to keep using what you're comfortable with and you know works for you. You can experiment or upgrade from time to time of course, but don't buy or carry things you're not going to use, just because you like the idea, there's a cheap deal or someone else thinks you should.

Tech for tech's sake. That may sound intuitive, but running a growing business is complicated enough without lumbering yourself with superfluous devices or persisting with an interface you don't get on with.

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